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In the beginning there were Hobtails - peaceful, happy folks who lived in the woods. Then came new kids on the block - Humans - who brought all their crazy interfering ways with them. This caused the Hobtails to move out of the woods. Eventually they made their home underground in the old forgotten chalkmine tunnels that run beneath the ancient town of Hatfield. It is here where they have a lot of fun putting on shows and singing their songs down in their cosy Hobhouse. But they do come out every day, mostly at times when it's not too busy in the human world.

Hobtails try to avoid the company of people, but they will protect the vulnerable and lonely in society. They also feel it is their duty to sort out man-made problems and see themselves as guardians of all creatures too.

For children, Hobtails can be their 'invisible friends'. But, once a child becomes 10 years old, Hobtails usually become just a distant dream.
They can often live for 500 years and have seen it all - and  Hobtails were there when the big bad wolf hunted the three little pigs! And a hundred of years before that, they played with Queen Elizabeth 1st when she was a child living in the Palace at Hatfield Park. But more recently, they saved a frightened boy inside the Blue Streak space rocket! In fact they've had all sorts of adventures throughout the ages. They have a flying friend to help them; a bumbling, serious minded heron, named Wing Commander Pellington. He is their eye-in-the-sky, keeping watch and delivering important messages about some of the worrying things that need the Hobtail's urgent attention. They have exciting earthy adventures and their stories are witty, informative and fun - a great story for children between the ages of 6 to 9 - plus their adult carers! One of the UK's must read children stories.
Sixteen quality songs complement the series of charming Hobtail story books.

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